Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ATHENA International Leadership Day

Today is ATHENA International Leadership Day. In communities all over the world established and emerging women leaders are meeting and connecting. In today's world of emails, text messages, Skype and video conferencing why should we connect face to face? Aren't most of us 'virtually connected'?

So why do ATHENA Leaders think it's important to actually bring women together to connect? One definition of connecting is to 'bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established'. Another is 'to establish a rapport or relationship'. ATHENA brings women leaders together to establish a relationship.

Is establishing a relationship enough? I recently read that women don't use professional networking opportunities to their fullest advantage. So while establishing a relationship is a great start it's important to have a focused conversation....like leadership.

ATHENA Leaders are coming together today, this very hour, to discuss leadership. And more specifically, the ATHENA Leadership Model. They are connecting over conversations about authenticity, collaboration, relationships, continuous learning, fierce advocacy, courage, giving back and celebrating each others successes.

Today we celebrate with every established and emerging woman who gather as ATHENA Leaders to connect with each other to engage in conversations about leadership. Today, relationships will be formed and the next generation of leaders will be energized, motivated and ready to develop their own leadership potential.

If you did not have an ATHENA International Leadership Day event today contact us and we'll help you create a significant forum for connecting women leaders in your community.

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